A large choice of boat rentals from many destinations

Renting and chartering a boat is technically the same thing: you pay someone to use his or her boat anywhere you could find your choice. Practically, though, the two terms refer to different boating experiences. Here is what you need to know. In most cases, boats advertised as rentals are small boats or personal watercraft, and are available to rent from an hour to a day.

There are several types of charter boats

Most are large yachts that you will live on for a week or more. There are two general types of charters; bareboat and crewed. Bareboat Charters are much like a boat rental: you pay for the boat only, and you are your own captain and crew. Most charter companies like rent a boat barcelona require some kind of boating resume to validate that you have the necessary experience to pilot the boat you want. Also, when bareboat chartering, you need to provision the boat, meaning you need to buy the food, beverages, and other items you’ll need for your journey. Crewed Charters mean that you hire the necessary captain and crew to operate the boat, provision it for meals, and do all the cooking and cleaning.

Some charter companies offer modular programs

This pre-provisioned option is helpful if you are chartering a boat in a foreign country where shopping for yourself might be difficult. Another type of charter experience is when you hire a boat for a specific purpose, like fishing or whale watching. These types of charters are usually by the hour or day and are equipped with a captain, crew, meals, and refreshments. In general, deciding whether to rent or charter a boat depends on what you want to do and how long you plan to travel. If you are comfortable and have the necessary experience to be your own captain and operate the boat yourself, then renting a boat or a bareboat charter could be the right option for you.


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